Spring Workout: Tips and Accessories

Longer hours of sunlight and warmer days in spring inspire, don’t they? Makes you want to get back in shape, shed the pounds you gained during winter (and quarantine) so you can run out there in the summer feeling lighter and less prone to faceplanting or arriving home absolutely in pain. 

Never mind about looking good. You want to feel good! 

It’s a well-known fact that exercise releases endorphins. These hormones make you feel good because they help manage pain and stress. This explains that post-workout high we all get. Speaking of post-workout high, that’s also a mix of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. 

All of those hard-to-pronounce names are happy hormones, brain chemicals that play an important role in regulating your mood. 

Working and studying from home has its benefits. Less time getting dressed and getting to work or university, and more time for breakfast! You do still encounter the same set of people. And all sorts of people make the world go around. You also still receive the same amount of work to finish. 

All of that can pile up in your head and you need to release that stress! Even without a particular fitness or weight loss goal, schedule a workout in your day as often as possible in the week to get your blood pumping. It’s good for you! 

Here are our workout tips and accessories!

First, think long-term. 

The spring and summer season can give us fitness fever. Signups blow up. Aside from the New Year, this is when gyms usually see new people (or their old people suddenly coming in).

Before you dive into memberships and subscriptions, have a think if that exercise or workout is something you will be able to sustain. For example, if you join a virtual class that meets at a certain hour, can you commit to that? Would the schedule help your motivation and discipline? Perfect! 

Or would the set days and time trap you? Maybe your days are more fluid because you freelance and you might miss classes if tasks come in. 

In that case, maybe you need something you can do on your own time. 

Find something you love doing

If you always find yourself dropping weight training and bodyweight workouts, maybe you just don’t love it. The same goes for any kind of exercise. Stop beating yourself up and just find out what you like! 

You’ll be surprised! You probably always look at those quick but intense and effective exercises.

BUT… what’s the use of those 7-minute or 15-minute fat-busting routines if you don’t do them anyway? However, when you love something, you won’t mind and you won’t notice how long you’re at it and you look forward to doing it everyday! 

No matter what workout you pick - whether that’s yoga, dance, zumba, pilates, barre, a spinning class or just riding your upright bike at alternating intensities and resistance, it should be something you do regularly and often. Once a week doesn’t cut it. You need to exercise often and consistently. 

For example, there’s a reason people buy upright bikes and mountain bikes. It’s an effective cardio workout and it feels so good! 45 minutes can easily fly by while you pump your legs! 

Try this iPhone Bike Mount and install your phone on your upright bike. You can watch Netflix or follow a workout from a cycle app! You don’t have to buy a Peloton! Just enjoy your ride! 

Or if you’re really going out for a ride, track your distance and route with this waterproof bike and motorcycle pouch

Love running? Avoid bulky pockets and use armbands

Pace yourself, rest and recover

Remember to start slow. If you find yourself in love with running, the gym rope, the bike, or the weights, take it easy so you avoid pain. 

Follow the recommended warmups and reps. Research good form and apply it. That’s very important! 

Remember, consistency is key. Consistency flies out the window if you worked out today and then have to skip the rest of the week because you injured yourself or you’re in too much pain to move. 

Use this Anywhere Tripod to mount your phone anywhere in the house or outside and consult images or videos for your workout. Whether you’re lying down on the floor doing yoga or standing up outside about to use a jump rope, the tripod can place your phone at your eye level. 

Keep track of it all. Cross-train. Have fun!

Keeping track doesn’t just mean recording your reps and distances. It also means scheduling cross-training so you achieve maximum fitness and don’t get bored with the same routines. 

Keeping a record also helps you remember what moves you love. Pretty soon, your workouts will be customized exactly to your favorites. Maybe you hate burpees but you love dynamic kettle ball swings. 

And maybe you start at 25 squats but progress to 125 later on! It’s good to see your progress! That motivates you to keep going and not backslide. 

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