How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals This 2020

Fitness goals are always top of mind when it’s the new year. It’s one of the top resolutions, to get better endurance, better flexibility, and better weight. New year, new start and people like to think the new year will be their year.  

You might be looking at your bike in a new light. Or you’re probably on a buying spree for fitness accessories. Phone holders, armbands, waterproof speakers-- these can really help motivate you if you can take your jam with you anywhere to get your blood pumping! 

If you’re getting fitness equipment you think will help, you’re already making good decisions. Keep going! Don’t let anything stop you. 

Set yourself up to win. 

It will be too hard if you’ve been sedentary for years and suddenly try HIIT (Crossfit), Zumba or yoga. These are admittedly quite difficult, despite their “beginner” levels. People get self-conscious doing them because they know they’ll be panting and struggling to keep up... this can be enough to discourage some people. 

So try cycling! 

Cycling is low-impact so you won’t hurt your joints. What’s even better, it takes you out of the house so you have no easy way of giving up and plopping back on the couch. 

Cycling builds endurance and stamina, improves your lower body strength, and burns a ton of calories. You lose weight and you improve on your other workouts. This progress is so visible and so motivating. That’s why cycling is a top pick for weight loss. 

Get a bike that fits, get on that saddle, and ride your way to feeling good and looking good. 

For safety, always ride with your phone with you. You don’t have to be scared for your iPhone. Use a secure, 100% Waterproof Bike and Motorcycle Phone Pouch.

Feel good and look good with a superb iPhone bike mount

Just look at it. This wouldn’t look out of place on a vintage Harley. On your bicycle, you’ll feel like some hotshot athlete. 

It’s one of our bestsellers. It’s as good as it looks. 

The touchscreen of this iPhone bike mount is made of antifreeze thermoplastic polyurethane. It won’t crack even in cold temperatures and it protects your phone from the rain with full touch sensitivity and functionality. 

Go ahead and zoom through that puddle, and you can absolutely get out of the house even though it looks like it might rain. Your iPhone is 100% safe in this waterproof mount and case in one. 

In full sun, the sun shield keeps the screen visible to you. You don’t have to squint and cup your hand around your phone to see your GPS. 

Simple and easy to use

Does all that sound very high-tech? Yet this mount doesn’t need high tech installation. No tools needed for assembly. And no matter how you end up placing it near the middle of your handlebars, the pivoting ball helps you find the best viewing angle once you’re astride. 

The mount has a slot for your headphones and room for cash, keys, and cards, and they all stay safe from the elements, too. 

With this iPhone bike mount, you can cycle in any weather as long as conditions stay safe. You can see your iPhone screen whether it’s sunny or misty. No excuses to stay in!

Commit to riding and see your body change

Trainers advise you to start with 2 miles on your first week. Don’t do too much too early. Measure and map out your route easily with your iPhone. And instead of relying on voice prompts if you stick your phone in a pocket or an armband, it’s better to use the iPhone bike mount to easily see your progress

Look at yourself zooming through the streets or trails. Awesome, yeah? 

You can also use this iPhone bike mount to do a video call with an accountability buddy while you ride. Don’t have a buddy? Get one. It could be anyone. Your gym trainer. Your cousin. Your friend. Even your mother! Anyone who can cheer you on that you’re riding, and keep you accountable if you’re even thinking of slacking. 

Record your distances and track your progress. Two miles your first week. And then 10 miles after eight weeks and you’re not even out of breath! 

Your thighs, bum, and waist will soon get smaller. You’ll notice you take staircases faster and you feel lighter. 

You’ll enjoy cycling even more. And because you have your iPhone and other small essentials in your bike mount, you are completely unfettered by loaded pockets, and you’re even free to have a hydration pack on your back. You won’t even need to stop to keep yourself hydrated

Amazing how something as simple as an iPhone bike mount can set you up to win. 

Cycle your way closer to your fitness goals. 

See our armbands, bike mounts and waterproof pouches perfect for the outdoor lifestyle and pursuit of fitness. 

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