5 Ideas to Improve Your Life With Photographs

Taking photographs is not just for Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Photographs can do so much for your everyday life. It’s amazing that we now have our phones to do the heavy lifting when it comes to taking pictures. You don’t have to lug around a DSLR camera, unless you want to, of course! 

So how does taking photos contribute to your daily well-being? We’re not talking about selfies here either. But that also works if, for example, you’re taking a record of your skincare or weight loss progress! 

August 19 was World Photography Day. It celebrates the history, science, and art of photography. But there’s also so a lot to be said about how useful photography is, not just in recording memories and capturing the best (or worst) moments, but also in our daily life now that we have such astoundingly efficient cameras in our pockets! 

So here are our tips on making the most of your camera for your personal benefit! 

1. Take photos of everything instead of keeping receipts or other paper junk that piles up. 

Your phone camera is a tool for living a minimalist lifestyle! You could even take photos of your favorite pages in your yearbooks, store them in the cloud, and voila, you’ve just reduced the heavy keepsakes that end up in boxes. 

Take photos of your appliance receipts and warranties. The best part is you get to organize the files for easy searching if you need them later. This also means you’re safe from lost or faded receipts. 

2. Use photos or video recordings to train staff, students, or coworkers. 

Use a Flexible Arm Phone Mount or the Anywhere Tripod to situate your phone and then take photos or videos of yourself explaining or demonstrating something. 

You won’t believe how much time you and everyone save if you have this reference anyone can consult instead of needing to ask somebody all the time. You lose time in explaining over and over. Having a video instead is very efficient especially when you collaborate with others while working from home. 

Try it! You don’t need a pro setup. Just stabilize your phone on a good mount, film when you have good natural lighting, and use a good mic. You’re all set! 

If you filmed a DIY answering a useful FAQ, post it on YouTube and people will appreciate it! 

3. Take before and after photos of your hobbies and projects. 

Started a paint-by-numbers kit? Crocheting something? Or maybe you’re painting the house room by room? 

When it comes to slow progress, seeing the progress you do make keeps you motivated to continue. Sometimes it can be difficult to see this progress especially if it’s so much easier to just procrastinate or quit! So take photos and videos and post them online. 

A community of like-minded people will soon find you, even if you don’t join a page or group for this, and you can make yourself accountable to see it through to the end. 

4. Elevate your mood by taking photos. 

If you find yourself at loose ends or maybe you’re at a stressful time at work or school, taking photos will give you mind something else to focus on-- pun intended. 

Taking photos is a creative outlet but there’s less pressure and less time commitment than other creative pursuits, because you simply have to capture what’s already there, instead of creating something. 

It’s relaxing and gratifying, and it takes you away from a case of idle hands. Instead of mindless bingeing on Netflix (and that usually means also bingeing on snacks), take photos. 

Then you get this Adjustable Real Rosewood Phone Stand so you can review your photo compositions on your desk and even use it to display your favorite after you print it! 

5. Use photos to keep track of your self-care journey. 

Self-care is about taking care of your mental and physical health. We all need this. Go out there and ride your bike for a very pleasant workout. Take your phone with you on this 100% Waterproof Bike and Motorcycle Phone Pouch and then take a pause, take photos. Post them with progress notes like your speed in getting there, or maybe a note like how much you panted like your lungs were giving out. 

When you do the same route later on and you’re barely winded, you’ll remember!

Or maybe take a photo before you start a skincare regimen of sleeping at least 8 hours every night and using toners and serums. You’ll be amazed at the difference as you take progress photos every week! 

If you’re doing yoga, it’s particularly impressive to see your progress in flexibility from Day 1 to Day 30. 

And if you’re doing meditation, it can amaze you to see how longer and longer you stay in the meditative state. Take a photo of the clock and the incense (if you’re using any) before you start. 

Taking photos isn’t just about people or pets. It can help you personally, too!

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