4 Ideas to Enjoy the Outdoors This Summer - Even with COVID-19

Whether or not you have access to a beach, a hiking trail, or woods and mountains, you should definitely try to get out of the house and shake off your cabin fever. It’s always healthy to get some fresh air, some sun, and some exercise. 

Don’t let COVID-19 rob you of a little bit of peace and gratitude. 

Live in the city? Drive or ride somewhere nice. A park. A deserted highway bordered by trees or grassland. A friendly trail you can complete within an hour or three. 

Live close to the beach? Check your local ordinances for policies and openings. Even if beaches might not open, you can still go near enough and enjoy that ocean breeze. 

Have a backyard? Make a project of making improvements - maybe refresh the old patio furniture with paint, or DIY a fire pit, or fill it with plants and grass. Then enjoy it. Camp in your own backyard and sleep under the stars. 

Go underwater and take photos

You might or might not be able to go to the beach, but you can take a swim at the pool more interesting and fun with underwater photos. 

Entertain the kids by shooting their swimming prowess. You can actually record a contest of how long they can hold their breath! 

This waterproof case is guaranteed to protect your phone underwater. The windows allow 99% of light to reach the lenses, giving you crisp, well-lit photographs

If you do have access to a beach or riverside, this case also protects your phone from sand or silt.

Protect your iPhone

If you plan to get out more, invest in a 360-degree protective case for your iPhone. Better safe than sorry. This case combines aluminum alloy, silicone, and tempered glass for rock-solid drop and shock resistance. If your iPhone ever ends up in a puddle or in the path of a spill, it will be perfectly safe. 

With a case like this, you can go your merry way outside without the risk of breaking your iPhone - and your heart.

Ride even without a destination

You just might see your town from a whole new perspective if you ride your bike instead of drive in your car. Obviously you’ll have to check with your city ordinances for policies on riding. You’ll probably need to gear up with a mask. 

And definitely gear up with a bike mount for your iPhone

When you know there will be bad weather, go for a 100% waterproof bike mount. In good weather, you can use a no-frills silicone bike mount that blends so well with your bike.

Enjoy your iPhone’s photo and video capabilities ANYWHERE

How? Simple. With the all-terrain tripod. 

Just look at it and think of all the possibilities! You can use pretty much anything to hold your phone. Want to watch a movie or read a book while outdoors? This tripod will free up your hands to hold and eat your snacks! 

And of course, the main use of tripods: to take photos or videos independently. And you don’t need to look for a stable surface. You can use a chain-link fence, a low-hanging tree branch, or even your water bottle or your bike to hold your phone! Just wrap this tripod’s flexible legs on anything around you! Et voila! Take a photo and use the 360-degree rotation to frame your video or photo.

Eager to get outside? Getting ready is half the fun - and that includes protecting and maximizing your iPhone’s best features! Check out the shop for more iPhone protections and accessories!

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