4 Best Tech Accessories For Your Desk

Working from home and taking online classes? It makes you look at your desk with new eyes, doesn’t it? Or it makes you get a desk in the first place! 

You need one. Stop doing your work at the dining table or on the coffee table! 

When you have your own space, ideas, creativity and efficiency all flow around you and you finish your work faster and better. 

Go to Pinterest right now for ideas! You can even upcycle anything into desks. Think old doors transformed into a colossal work surface or old dressers and wardrobes made over as a cozy study nook. 

Next, you want to equip that space for your tech and gadgets. 

That’s where this blog comes in. We list the best tech accessories for your desk!

Drawer and tabletop organizers

It’s a pain to have to dig through your junk when you’re looking for a pencil or your calculator. Organize your desk! Plenty of drawer trays and tabletop organizers keep your things in their proper places. 

A tidy workspace is just so zen. Don’t believe the tripe that a desk full of junk is a sign of genius. Unless you’re a scientist or author, that’s just laziness. Clean up and organize! You’ll love it! 

Stands and mounts

When it comes to productivity, you want the best stands and mounts to hold your phone so that you can get the benefit of multiple screens. It’s also the age of online classes and online meetings, so you need a phone stand or mount to give you a steady and professional frame that doesn’t necessarily have to be from your laptop camera. 

And let’s face it, that laptop camera can have such an unflattering angle. Cough. 

Aside from that, your phone is attached to your hand. On your desk, it deserves its place rather than just lying there waiting to be knocked off your desk or buried under books! 

Take your pick of stands and mounts to match your desk’s aesthetics. 

This wooden iPhone stand comes in beech, walnut, and bamboo. Perfect for modern, minimalist, Scandinavian or rustic setups. 

Or opt for a beautiful real rosewood stand that also matches ANY decor style because of its timeless design and finish. 

If you want ultra-modern, then this metallic aluminum stand is the one for you, with your pick of colors from white, black, rose gold and red, to mix and match with your color scheme or add a vibrant pop to an otherwise monochrome theme. 


Or you can use your desk edge! This flexible arm Phone mount brings your phone to your line of sight, whether you’re sitting down or standing up. Choose your desired length up to 51.2” (130cm). 

We hope this list inspires you to add some great, functional little pieces to your desk.

Trust us; it helps when you make your workstation your own space. It makes you want to work there and stay there! It inspires and motivates you. So go jazz up your desk!

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